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Description and goals of the project
Krakowska Konferencja Matematyki Finansowej (Cracow Conference of Financial Mathematics) is a student based iniciative. Year after year it achieves more and more popularity and so far it has entered into the calendar of Polish nationwide science events. Its main goal is the knowledge enhancing related to financial risk, theory of valuation of the financial securities and investing, creating and application in modern finance mathematical and statistical models.
The Conference is a place of meeting of an academic environment and various specialists using mathematical tools in their professional work. It allows students an acquisition of the functioning of financial institutions and gives them an opportunity to acquire information about potential workplaces for persons with mathematical education.
Conference members will have a chance to participate actively in many lectures and workshops divided according to thematic units. Moreover, the organizers intention is to create climate that favors making contacts and integrate in the friendly environment both inside in lecture rooms, as well as outside them, during associated conference social meetings.
Crucial goal of the conference is also a promotion of Koło Naukowe Modelowania Finansowego (Students Association of Financial Modeling), and the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, one of the major centers of financial mathematics in Poland.
The event has cyclical character. Even now we can observe that participants who took part in the conference in previous editions have been coming back again. 

The Organizing Committee consists of 20 students, members of Koło Naukowe Modelowania Finansowego (Students Association of Financial Modeling). The Committee is divided into a few subsections according to various tasks.
The Conference Coordinator is the person responsible for the final shape and project settlement.
The content is supervised by our scientific warden, ing. Jerzy Dzieża, PhD.
KN Modelowania Finansowego 30-059 Kraków Wydział Matematyki Stosowanej ul. Czarnowiejska 70 Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza www.knmf.agh.edu.pl

The project is addressed primarily to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of mathematical fields of study, or other fields related to mathematics such as economy or finance. Scientist working in the widely understood fields of finances are also welcome. 

Experiences of previous editions
The experiences gained during the organization of previous four editions of Krakowska Konferencja Matematyki Finansowej allows us to plan the fifth edition of the Conference on even bigger scale than in the past.

Prior conferences met with a great success, which was confirmed by positive opinions collected in questionnaires after the conferences. There were 150 participants of third Krakowska Konferencja Matematyki Finansowej, then fourth edition attracted more than 400 applications, from which 200 were accepted. We anticipate to maintain this growing trend with about 400 guests from all over the Poland.

In recent years our important partners were companies and institutions such as: UBS, State Street, EY, PRMIA Polska, Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie, Towarowa Giełda Energii, Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych, Dom Maklerski BOŚ, Quants Technologies, Fundacja im. Lesława Pagi, OSTC Poland, ProTrader, BCG, Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej im. Henryka Niewodniczańskiego, Miasto Kraków. 

In order to successfully realize all of the intended goals, invited speakers, specialists in the field of financial mathematics, will come from both the academic environment and from various financial institutions from Poland, and also from abroad. Organizers will also send offers of cooperation to institutions capable of subject matter, financial or material support of this project. In order to obtain the resources for the project, application will be send to the AGH University Grant program as well as Lesław A. Paga Scholarship. The promotion of the event will be publicized nationwide through advertisements.