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We are happy to invite everybody interested in the wide world of finance, especially financial mathematics, to the 11th Conference on Financial Mathematics in Cracow. We are more than proud to announce that this year the Conference is organised under the aegis of the the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of AGH University of Science and Technology, prof. Jerzy Stochel. The event will be held stationary on days 14-15th April in the building signed ‘U2’ and located in the campus of the University.

The agenda for both days contains number of lectures regarding risk management. Those will be delivered by specialists from foremost, famous companies and financial institutions. It will be a great opportunity to meet potential employers and stay connected for future.

We will end the day with an investment block, during which specialists in this field will present their knowledge.

We will end the second day with the Students Lecture Competition. We cordially encourage you to participate as it is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and fight for awards.

During breaks between lectures, participants will be able to eat some sweets and drink hot coffee or tea. The breaks are also great opportunities for networking.

At the end of the conference, an integration meeting is planned. All participants will be able to get to know each other better and relax after the whole day.

Please direct any questions to the e-mail address: xi-kkmf@agh.edu.pl