XI Cracow Conference of Financial Mathematics

The Scientific Group of Financial Modelling of the AGH University of Science and Technology is pleased to invite you to the 11th Cracow Conference of Financial Mathematics, which will start on April 14! ?

This year’s event is held under the aegis of the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the AGH University of Science and Technology, dr hab. Jerzy Stochel, prof. AGH.In our power and ability as the event’s organisers, we offer a great deal of knowledge, the chance to speak with representatives of international banks, and, of course, a good time.The conference info:

? 14th-15th of April 2023

? Centrum Dydaktyki U2 AGH ?⬛?

? Sign up here (till April 13): forms.office.com/e/ZNVdT300uh

? After party: Klub Filutek, ul. Józefa Rostafińskiego 10

Anticipate the following at the conference:

? Lectures given by experts in the fields of banking and investing ?

? Meetings with fascinating people from the financial sector ??‍?

? A substantial amount of knowledge in the fields of finance and mathematics ?

? Discovering unconventional ways to approach current financial problems ?

? Delicious coffee ☕

? Fantastic prizes to be won in the paper competition ?

? A fantastic and exciting ? AFTER-PARTY ? with financial mathematics enthusiasts

We’ll see you April 14! You and your friends must participate! Make sure to follow our social media to receive updates!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KNMFAGH/

Our website: www.knmf.agh.edu.pl/xi-kkmf-informacje/

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/…/xikrakowskakonferencjamatema…/ 

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