IX Cracow Conference of Financial Mathematics

Here she is! 🔥⚡ First time on-line IX Krakow Conference of Financial Mathematics 🔥

Are you interested in finance or the stock market❓❓❓
You want to know where technology is going in finance ❓❓🤔🤔🤔

If the answer is yes, then you can’t miss this event❗❗❗

⚡⚡⚡📢📢 This year’s edition will take place on the Zoom platform 💻 so each participant will be able to safely and without leaving home 🏠 over a delicious coffee ☕ or tea 🫖 find something for themselves during one of the blocks:

📢 scientific 📖
📢 stock market 📈📉
📢 business 💼

There will also be a student lecturer competition, so if you are interested please follow the link below:


The conference schedule can be found at the link:


You can find our speakers here:


Contribution topics and a brief description:


During the IX KKMF you will have a chance to talk to UBS representatives on our Discord channel.
This is a great opportunity to consult your CV, learn a bit about working in an international bank and what you can do to be one step closer to your dream job ✨

You can register for the conference by clicking on the link below http://www.knmf.agh.edu.pl/ix-kkmf-rejestracja/

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